About Us

So, who are the Pirate and Bluebelle?

Let's start at the beginning.......

Betrayed by his crew the Pirate was made to walk the plank, they had become tired of his cavalier attitude towards his duties and his preoccupation with being the best dressed pirate who ever did grace the seven seas.

Washed up at Ye Olde Port of Gourock, without a ship or shipmates, the pirate was forced to reinvent himself as a lone wolf photographer. His every spare moment was spent capturing the inspirational scenery of the beautiful Scottish West Coast with his trusty camera.
He soon realised however that he missed the comradery of fellow seafarers and decided that he need a partner in crime besides, no man is an island. It was during this lonely time and after a particularly wild, gin fuelled, music inspired instagram adventure, he chanced upon a former shipmate of his youth, Bluebelle.

A fortuitous meeting!  Bluebelle, herself a gin fuelled, music inspired instagram adventurer, told the Pirate of her idea for a bold new venture. She dreamt of a place where they could share their photographs, meet new friends and have the excuse for her to wear her favourite vintage dresses.

And there would be gin, lots of gin!

A plan was hatched and they were crew and Bluebelle's vision began to become reality and together the two friends armed with their cameras, set sail together on their epic adventure.....




About us