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About us

We believe it should be easy to have nice things – we think that art should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

At the Pirate and Bluebelle one of our favourite ways to spend time is looking for new artists and products to bring to our carefully curated gallery and we really hope that you will love our range as much as we do.

So, who are we?

We are Nick and Heather aka the Pirate and Bluebelle.

We were both in the same class in school, although we weren’t friends back then. Nick being one of those boys your parents told you about and the teachers said would amount to nothing (i.e. quite cool) whilst Heather was a bit of a teachers pet with huge glasses and a terrible perm (ie not cool).

Fast forward 25 years and we met again via social media and a pretty awful school reunion and we recognised that time had made Nick a little less cool and Heather a little more cool meaning we were on more even ground.

We both loved taking photos and started sharing and critiquing each others images over copious amounts of coffee. We then took the plunge and started sharing our photos to a wider audience on social media.

Nick had just left a job and we realised that we should see this as an opportunity for us to test the market with our gallery idea.

We first took a stall at a local vintage and art market which was really successful and gave us the confidence to look for premises to hold a longer ‘pop up’ and see whether the success of the market had been a one off.

We secured a small cupboard sized shop on Kempock Street in Gourock and, from what was planned as a short ‘pop up’ ended up being our home for 2 years. Over that time we built up great relationships with a few other artists and soon were also selling their work from a space only a metre and a half across!

When the much larger shop unit 2 doors down became empty we decided to take the plunge and go for it. In April 2016 we opened our doors and have not looked back. We have expanded our own ranges to include our prints on a variety of mediums like mugs, coasters and greetings cards, also curating a range of unusual and unique gifts for all occasions.

In addition to this, we now successfully sell the work of around 50 artists across a variety of different formats. This number continues to grow. This is a side of the business which we both love.

Working with artists on a day to day basis and developing positive relationships with them makes it easy to talk about each of them and their work to our customers.

We are both still drinking copious amounts of coffee and taking photos whenever we get the chance. And we get to work with our best mate, does it get any better than that?

Oh, and we know we haven’t explained the name, that’s a story for another time…….

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