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Its been a while since I managed a day out of the P and B for an adventure, so when I realised that I could escape for the day to go and meet up with a bunch of amazing artists, I jumped at the chance!

Ross Muir

First stop was the West End to meet up with Mr Ross Muir at his home studio. I love going to collect pieces from Ross, it gives me the chance to see what he is currently working on. He is hugely talented and his figurative work just blows me away with its realism. I managed to sneak a look at his latest little oil of the River Kelvin which has already attracted loads of interested buyers and it isn’t even dry yet! I also got to hear about his upcoming photo shoot for his next series of paintings and whilst its going to be a bit more of a risqué style, it sound really exciting and Ross is always up for pushing the boundaries and challenging himself.

Libby Walker

Next up was meeting Libby Walker. Libby is an artist I have admired for a while (I have had one of her pieces on my wall
for quite a while) and was delighted when she was joining us at the P and B. Her studio is tucked away in the Hidden Lane in Finneston, if you haven’t visited this Glasgow gem before I would highly recommend it! Libbys illustrations are highly intricate and I love spending time spotting little bits of fun detail. We now have a beautiful selection of her prints in the gallery and will have a selection of her cards and homeware very soon too!

St Mango

All this talking meant that it was time for refreshments and a catch up with our second new artist of the day, the lovely Jade Taylor aka St Mango. Jade joined me for tea and scones in the Hidden Lane Tearoom (again, if you haven’t been here you are missing out!), her quirky selection of brooches, key rings and pin badges are all inspired by retro and in vogue foods – Her ‘shrimps’ look good enough to eat! I think that before everyone else snaps them up I will need to buy myself one of her Custard Cream brooches, they are awesome!

Corrin Strain

Final stop of the day was a catch up with Corrin Strain to collect a bunch of her unvalentine valentines cards which suit our gallery so well! We don’t really do hearts and flowers type romance in the P and B (to be fair neither do lots of the
visitors to the gallery!) so these cards are perfect and completely non vomit inducing! It was great to meet up with Corrin and we will have new supplies of her ever popular prints in the gallery in the next week.

Phew….all in all a brilliant day AND tons of fantastic new stock for the gallery – and Nick got a day off from me writing
to do lists, win, win!!

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